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The Chieftains are an Irish musical group founded in 1963, known for performing and popularizing Irish traditional music. The band has recorded many albums of instrumental Irish folk music, as well as multiple collaborations with popular musicians of many genres, including Country music, Galician traditional music, Cape Breton and Newfoundland music, and rock and roll. They have performed with Van Morrison, Mick Jagger, Elvis Costello, Roger Daltrey, Nancy Griffith, Tom Jones, Sinéad O'Connor, James Galway, The Corrs, Art Garfunkel, Sting and numerous Country-western artists. In 1975, the group won praise for their playing of Women of Ireland for Stanley Kubrick's movie Barry Lyndon. The group have won six Grammy Awards and have been nominated eighteen times. They have also won an Oscar, an Emmy and a Genie.
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