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Angels and Airwaves is a band created by former blink-182 guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge alongside former Hazen Street and Boxcar Racer guitarist David Kennedy, ex-The Distillers bassist Ryan Sinn and The Offspring drummer Atom Willard. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, DeLonge trademarked "Angels and Airwaves" on June 24, 2005 amidst the lingering confusion of blink-182's abruptly announced hiatus. Their debut album, We Don't Need to Whisper, will be released on May 23rd, 2006. Their announced first single, "Valkyrie Missile", was set for a March/April release, but following the subsequent leaking of the song "The Adventure", the label has chosen to release it in its place. DeLonge personally claims that his new project will be "the best music made in decades" as well as being "much more powerful, emotional and melodic than Box Car Racer and blink put together."
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