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For well over a decade, guitarist Peter White has consistently released chart-topping albums and radio singles that have helped define smooth jazz. Without pomp and circumstance, White’s distinctive acoustic guitar sound has romanced, danced and entranced listeners with beautiful melodies, lilting rhythms, and spry instrumentation. His eleven #1 singles confirm his gift as a songwriter.
White began his career playing in Al Stewart’s band. He co-wrote two of Stewart’s biggest hits, Time Passages and Midnight Rocks. He’s also had a longtime association with smooth jazz vocal star Basia – White’s guitar and accordion have become an integral flavor in her popular sound. His popularity has led fellow artists to hire him for his distinctive, breezy sound. In addition to being a part of the touring phenomenon Guitars and Saxes, White has performed with Rick Braun, Richard Elliott, The Crusaders, Craig Chaquico, Greg Vail, Tom Grant, Kilauea, Joe McBride, 3rd Force and Windows.
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