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In the fall of 1995, five musicians began rehearsals in a blighted duplex on the Southside of St. Louis. One 60 watt light bulb and an old Sears space heater were all the comforts this spread would provide. In these dubious surroundings, this group of friends gathered regularly to fine-tune a proposed list of songs. With nothing but joyful intentions, this group of friends began their whimsical adventure. What would unfurl in the years to follow exceeded all expectations - the ubiquitous presence, the unstoppable groove, hundreds of sold-out performances (not to mention the mob of devoted fans). This was an unintentional phenomenon.
Working as one of the most sought after dance party acts in the Midwest, this group of four young men have earned their high rank throughout the country with a continuous schedule of sold out shows. Prior to the group's humble beginnings as a disco cover band, members of this band forged their careers and experience in diverse paths of the musical spectrum. One was a major label MTV hair band cover boy, another was a world-touring p-funk-a-teer, and the others were a pair of indie band road warriors.
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