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ekoostik hookah is a band from central Ohio. On its web site, the band describes its music as "improvisational treatment of psychedelic rock ’n’ roll, blues, funk, jazz and bluegrass layered with rich harmonies".
Formed in 1991, ekoostik hookah has performed over 1,200 live shows, including performances at the House of Blues in Chicago and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In addition, the band has had eight releases: Under Full Sail (1991), Dubbahbuddah (1994), Double Live (1996), Where the Fields Grow Green (1998), Hookahville Spring ’98 (1998), Sharp in the Flats (1999), Seahorse (2001) and Ohio Grown (2002). The band plans on releasing a new album in late December 2006 entitled Under Full Sail:It All Comes Together. The album will be a remake of the bands first album with a second disc of new material.
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