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INXS is an Australian alternative and new wave rock band that was originally formed in 1977. The band released their self titled debut album in 1980, which contained the hit single "Just Keep Walking." In 1982, their third album, titled Shabooh Shoobah, was released successfully worldwide. The single "The One Thing" brought them their first top 30 hit in America, while "Don't Change" became a staple in the set list of college rock bands who played the frat circuit. The album itself entered the U.S. top 50.
In 2004, INXS returned to the international spotlight when they were the subject of the reality television show Rock Star: INXS, where eleven contestants competed to become the new lead singer of INXS. JD Fortune won the competition, and the hit single "Dirty Vegas" was released shortly after, with Fortune at the head of the band.
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