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OK Go is an alternative rock and powerpop band based in Los Angeles, which originally formed in Chicago in 1998. The band is best known for their energetic music videos. Their two most famous music videos are "A Million Ways" and "Here it Goes Again" which were released through YouTube and quickly became viral videos.
The video for "A Million Ways" was released in the fall of 2005. Filmed for under ten dollars in a back yard, the video was filmed as a long take showing the band performing a dance routine choreographed by the lead singer's sister. Within months, the video became the most downloaded music video ever, with over nine million downloads.
In 2006, OK Go released the video for "Here It Goes Again," another long-take format video featuring the band performing a complex dance routine on a series of treadmills. The video received over a million views in the first six days it was posted on YouTube. After four months, the video had received 41 million views, making it the 29th most viewed video, and the second most favorited music video on the site.
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