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Carlos Mencia is a hispanic comedian who is currently the host of the Comedy Central show "Mind of Mencia." Like many comedians, he focuses on race, sexual orientation, politics, religion, class and society, but in a style which intentionally violates rules of what is politically correct by, for example, making a point to use racial epithets or terms such as "retarded" rather than "disabled" or "mentally handicapped" and otherwise going out of his way to offend liberal sensibilities, such as by advocating capital punishment and sustaining a generally high level of raunchiness in his material. A staple of his material is diatribes denouncing the actions of people he considers to be stupid, often using his trademark "DEE-Dee-dee!." He has stated that the phrase doesn't refer to people "who were born retarded," but rather people "who were born, and are now retarded."
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